In 2016, I photographed Natalie Moore’s book The South Side: A Portrait of Chicago and American Segregation. Natalie Moore is WBEZ’s South Side Bureau Reporter. The book is partially a memoir of her childhood growing up in the city’s Chatham neighborhood, and partially an examination of the politics and policies that keep Chicago racially segregated. Ta-Nehisi Coates says the book is “an exquisite exploration…essential to anyone attempting to understand race in Chicago.” My photos for the book were featured in the Chicago Tribune, on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight program and on NPR’s website. Natalie also used the photos as part of a special report on black homeownership: “The Promise and The Pitfalls.”

Black Homeownership: The Promise and The Pitfalls

Buying a home is part of the American dream, but African-Americans face extra risks, as WBEZ’s Natalie Moore learned firsthand.

My photos for the book were featured in the Chicago Tribune, on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight program and on NPR’s website. Natalie Moore also used the photos as part of special report on “Black Homeownership: The Promise and The Pitfalls.”

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